dear yulegoat

Hello hello! I'm fine with any rating, and I'm equally enamored with het and slash (I'd rather not get femslash as my main pairing, but in the background is fine). If you don't ship the characters I requested romantically, I also love friendship/family dynamics. I prefer stories that stick to the tone of canon, but if you really can't work with any of my suggestions, I'd rather you write something that you're enthusiastic about.

Triggers: none

Squicks: needles, vomit/stuffing, scat/watersports, mpreg. If you want to write a common trigger/squick but think you shouldn't because I didn't explicitly say I was okay with it, consider this your permission.

General dislikes: issuefic, super fluffy fluff, non-canon children, non-canon death, AUs or crossovers, crack, generic PWP (porn is more than okay, but I like it backed up with interesting emotions/psychology/character motivations), OCs as main characters, gratuitous character bashing

General likes: grey morality, flawed characters, atmosphere, slice of life, domesticity, found families, h/c, angst, UST, pining, banter, snarky humor, bittersweet happy endings, autumn and winter, holiday fic (especially if it's not Hallmark Channel perfect), intimacy (especially non-sexual intimacy), polyamory/open relationships, psychologically interesting kinks, cities, reckless endangerment, subverted roles, culture clashes, running away from home

The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater (Puck Connelly, Sean Kendrick)

I'd love something about their life post-canon. They're an unconventional couple, so how does the rest of Skarmouth react to their relationship? Do they make unconventional choices with regards to marriage and children? Does Sean get along with Puck's brothers? Smut is more than okay, but not necessary. Something scary with the capail uisce would be really awesome. The island is really my favorite character, so I'd take whatever worldbuilding you want to throw at me.

Not much to say, really. This book broke my heart in every way and I'd love anything you wrote about it. I have headcanon for when (late '10s or early '20s) and where (Donegal or Northern Ireland) the story takes place, but I'm interested in other interpretations too.

New Girl (any--Coach, Jess, Nick, Winston)

I love the chemistry between Nick and Jess and how their weirdness totally complements each other. Since they're canonically pretty kinky, I would love fic about them trying a really off the wall fetish with hilarious results. I'm also really into M/M/F with them, whether the third is one of Jess's love interests (Goesinyou would be pretty hot) or a guy from the loft. The Bulls/Pistons episode made me ship Coach with both Nick and Jess, so any flavor of that is more than welcome.

I would also love slash between the guys, especially if it comes with awkward sexuality questioning. What would it do to the loft if two of the guys started messing around? How would Jess react? How would it impact the relationships between the other guys? I'm fond of polyamory, bisexuality, and kinkiness, but don't let that limit you! I'll read any pairing or moresome (or friendship fic) as long as it has the awkward, funny sweetness of the canon relationships. Feel free to put Schmidt in there too!

This show is stupidly charming. I love how ridiculous everyone is. I love how the loft is its own ecosystem. I love how emotional they are about each other, especially the guys. I love the weird gender dynamics. Schmidt/Nick is pretty low on my interest list, but I love Schmidt being ridiculous, so if you have a funny idea for them, go for it!

The Iliad - Homer (Achilles, Patroklos, Briseis)

I picked these three on the off chance of getting some OT3 stuff, but I'd be just as happy with friendship fic, romance between just two of them (Briseis' lament for Patroklos in book 19 gets me every time), or any combination thereof. I'm interested in the weird balance of power between the three of them--what is it about those two that unravels Achilles so easily? What does he get from them that he doesn't get elsewhere? How do Briseis and Patroklos relate when Achilles isn't there? Is there another world where they got a happy ending, or is the happiness they find in the present enough? My overwhelming love for Achilles is rivaled only by my burning hatred of the guy, so if you can evoke both, I'll love you forever. If you feel the need to address the inherent consent issues, I'd prefer dub-con over non-con, although neither is a trigger.

Oh man, this poem. I love that divine, untouchable Achilles is humanized by a slave girl and an ordinary soldier (and an old man whom you're more than welcome to include), not by fearsome Hector or powerful Agamemnon. I love how a poem that's 90% violence porn is really about the meaning of life and death and humanity. I love that Briseis helps pick up the pieces of Achilles after Patroklos dies. I love how hugely significant Briseis is despite having almost no dialogue, and if you want to focus on her, that's great! It would also be great if you included my man Odysseus, or any of the other characters, really. I just love this poem a whole lot, and I'd love to read any interesting takes on it.

Also, I've seen a million modern AUs where Achilles and Patroklos are musicians/photographers/baristas/philosophy majors/skateboarders, but I haven't seen anybody send them to Iraq or Afghanistan. I'd prefer it if Briseis wasn't a sex slave in this 'verse (she doesn't really need to be in it, which is why this isn't my main request). Just, angry young men at war learning about life and death and brotherhood and dealing with the shit hand the universe has dealt them, yes.

Thanks and happy writing!
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I considered leaving the state this weekend. I knew that what I needed--for Monday to be as joyful and exuberant and celebratory as the marathon always is--was probably not what the rest of the city needed, and that this year, I should let Marathon Monday be a somber day of reflection and remembrance.

I have never been happier to be proven wrong.

An American just won the Boston Marathon for the first time in thirty years. Congratulations to Meb Keflezighi, Rita Jeptoo (women's race), Tatyana McFadden (women's wheelchair), and Ernst Van Dyk (men's wheelchair).

We aren't just strong, we're happy. I think we're all gonna be okay.

snowflake challenge, day 6

In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul.

I abandoned the challenge, but this prompt grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. I feel kind of weird posting this because it's so personal, but I have things to say and nowhere else to say them.


(Aren't those the coolest, tackiest eighties covers? Isn't it a tragedy that the latest anthology came out in paperback with this monstrosity?)

I grew up on magic. I was a child of the Disney renaissance, raised on classic kid's fantasy novels and Arthurian mythology and Irish folk music. I lived in a vibrant immigrant community with deep colonial roots, shaped equally by Irish folktales and Puritan ghost stories. I knew Harry Potter before he was famous. There was basically zero chance that I wouldn't grow up to be a fantasy fan.

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end of year playlist meme

Because I like this one and I haven't done it yet.

January: Jasmine by Kila

February: Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch

March: Medium Man by Battlefield Band

April: Roadrunner by Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

May: Touch the Sky by Kanye West

June: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy

July: Hang Forever by Ivy Levan

August: Royals by Lorde

September: Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys

October: Tessie by Dropkick Murphys

November: Scandalous by Hanneke Cassel

December: Right Action by Franz Ferdinand
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bored bored boooored

I'm going to have more than one Yuletide fic ready for beta shortly after Thanksgiving. Since I've momentarily run out of gorgeously prosed but rapidly plotted teen fantasy novels, I decided to watch the first couple episodes of Teen Wolf. Some thoughts:

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So, should I stick it out? Is the man-candy worth it? Did I make the right decision by not putting this on tumblr? I gather that not liking Scott makes me racist or something, but I'm more baffled that there are enough Scott fans for people to make that leap.

if you consume media with no one there to hear your squee, does the squee still make a sound?

So I'm in two fandoms, Tea Elves and Bat Ninjas. Tea Elves is older, bigger, and has a much more active fandom. Both released new material at roughly the same time, and I'd been biting my nails over both. I'm currently caught up with Bat Ninjas and haven't touched Tea Elves. Given the risk of spoilers for Tea Elves (which everyone I know is involved with) versus Bat Ninjas (which I've been trying and failing to get everyone involved with), I think my priorities were off.

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Dear Yulegoat

This is my first year doing Yuletide and I am SO EXCITED. Like, six-year-old on Christmas morning excited. Obviously, you have excellent taste in rare fandoms and characters, so I'm sure you'll produce something wonderful.

I'm fine with any rating, and I'm equally enamored with het and slash (femslash is great too, but I don't think I nominated more than one female character in each fandom...). If you don't ship the characters I requested romantically, I also love friendship/family dynamics. I prefer stories that stick to the tone of canon, but if you really can't work with any of my suggestions, I'd rather you write something that you're enthusiastic about.

Relevant links are in my sidebar, but I want to point out my (occasionally NSFW) classics tag on Tumblr, in case you find that helpful. I think I got "classical/mythical allusions" bingo this year, so feel free to mine for mythological references in my non-mythological fandoms. Easter eggs make me squeal.

If you're here for Yuleporn: Welcome to the naughty list! I included a bunch of smutty suggestions under my fandom prompts, but if you want more specifics, you can read my comment on the Yuleporn post.

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